Darlene’s Deal: Free Shipping & Discount!

Darlene’s Deal: Free Shipping & Discount!


caseiphone5 mumbai

Mumbai iPhone Case

Hey everyone . . . good news! If you’ve been waiting to buy some of my art on cool products from Society 6 – you’re in luck. First of all, they’ve introduced wall clocks, rugs and shower curtains. I know, I know . . . shower curtains? To each his own canvas.

But the great news is now until April 13, they’re offering $5 off PER ITEM and FREE SHIPPING. That’s a cool deal so take advantage if you have been putting it off. I think it’s time for me to get a new iPhone case or . . .  maybe a rug for the bathroom and definitely a tote bag!  (Free shipping excluded on framed prints, pillow covers with inserts, and rugs.  Sorry.)

Here’s the link to use to claim your prize, or click on the Society 6 hyperlink above:



Broken Things

Broken Things

Carried on Wings

As you can see I’ve made a lot of changes to the website.  It happened because things got broken and it was an opportunity to make things better. It looks a whole lot different now. Some things may not work yet like my store.  It was the store that broke the site to begin with so I had to choose a different option.  Still working on putting that all together and learning how it works.  (Whew, that takes so much time!)  But I’ve made some progress on this broken thing.

Meanwhile, if you want to buy a hand-signed giclee print from me, please try the store  which is now titled “products” and see if it leads you to the shopping cart and if not, please contact me with your request and I’ll get right on it:

darlene @ badbirdstudio . com

This was also a good time to take out old art and refresh the gallery with new stuff I’m working on now.  (Talk about changes!) You can still see much of the older pieces on the links to Fine Art America, and the link to the right for Society 6 and the other sites in the sidebar where I have stores.

The above piece “Carried On Wings” is one I just finished and will probably end up in the gallery show I’ll be doing at the Z Cafe in Bonsall, opening in May.  Yeah, I’m excited about that . . . I’ll keep you posted as the details develop.  It will be my first gallery show in years and the first for my paintings. These are the days I wish my brain were younger and quicker, but….it’s not.  So please bear with me as I get my online act together.  I appreciate your patience.

Now go make some cool art to share with me and others!

With Failed Wings

With Failed Wings

With failed wings

Right now I’m teaching a 3 part workshop on drawing faces. Faces must be on my mind. I’ve painted a lot of them lately. I think the more we look at the faces of others the more beautiful they become.  We see ourselves in them – Our victories, challenges, weaknesses, strengths.

The faces I paint are about lives in which something is going on.  Either something good.  Or maybe there’s something behind the eyes, the lips, the tilt of the head that cries out for unmet satisfaction. Or, resignation that we must often wait for it along with the truth that satisfaction comes from the deep recesses of our souls. If the soul is empty so is the heart.

Maybe that’s what the paintings are about.  Perhaps more will be revealed.  Meanwhile, I have lots of new paintings in my gallery for you to look at.  I hope you enjoy them.  I’ve also created a link to purchase hand-signed giclee prints of all these new images.  Thanks again for encouraging me to just do it!


Choose Joy

Choose Joy

Choose Joy

Joy seems to be a recurring theme in my work, so it must also be in my life. I’m convinced that God blows joy into our lives when we are thankful and living in a state of gratitude.

Sometimes in the darkness I get a painting in my head and I have to turn on the light and sketch it, or write down words that stream out. Other times I just start painting, not knowing what in the world I’m doing. Then it all comes together in an extraordinary way.

I don’t know why that happens. It just does. I guess that’s part of “my process.” I couldn’t explain it to someone who asked.

Recently I was working on another piece, which I will share with you next time, and I had no idea what it was going to be about. It started as a face and moved on from there. Other times it starts as a brush stroke and then colors and I don’t like them so I cover them up with other colors until I start to like what I see and feel. From that point it could go anywhere.

That’s the “process,” as random as it seems. I decided to not overanalyze it and just find the joy instead.

Hope you decide to choose joy today and find God blowing his breath into your sails.  But that’s a whole different painting.  Wait for it.

Oh Wow, I made the cover of a magazine!

Oh Wow, I made the cover of a magazine!

Awakenings Mag cover

Well I didn’t, but my art did.  O.K, it’s a free health store magazine.  O.K., I didn’t get paid for it.  Can I do a happy dance anyway?

A person in Florida emailed me and asked if they could use it for their valentine, heart month edition.  After getting all the info I decided to send it to him and why not?  The whole point of making art, other than pure personal joy, is to let others experience the same.  So I emailed the file with the understanding that they were preparing multiple covers and my work may or may not be chosen.  And they would send me copies of the magazine if my art work was chosen.

Then I forgot all about it until last week when a strange package arrived in my mailbox.  it all came back to me that this might be the copies of the magazine .  I carefully cut through the tape with an Xacto knife and there it was!

It didn’t matter that the quality was only newsprint.  My art was on the cover!  Yay!  They chose it!

It all starts with little dreams, which turn into bigger dreams one day at a time.  I stopped stressing over the world’s idea of success because it’s based on a weak premise to begin with: that money is what defines it.  If that were true then very wealthy people would be more alive inside instead of people like me, who get all excited when an envelope arrives in the mail with samples of a freebie magazine that has my art on the cover.

How cool is that!